A Follower Who Became a Leader

So imagine you’re the newbie on the block or in your school…. You’re just trying to fit in. At lunch time you’re faced with the scary dilemma in the cafeteria scanning the room to see whether you want to step out of your turtle shell, get your big girl panties (or big boy underwear) on and strike up conversations with someone just to avoid sitting alone.

First thought is what cliché do I belong to anyway?

Well, I always had this dilemma when I was younger and always waited until someone started talking to me and I guess at first you could describe me as a follower instead of a leader with a conformed identity but that slowly started to change after I had kids, went through an abusive relationship, found the Lord again and he helped me build myself back up from the ground. My name is Deanna Armstrong, newly married to my husband Levi in 2015, and we have three beautiful children. My husband and I may only be newly weds but we have actually known each other since middle school and reconnected after 12 years, maybe I will save that for another story. I actually have had time and lots of events to shape me into the person I am now, more of discovering my true identity as a person, mom and wife. I was previously married in a horrible, abusive marriage, a single mom of three children for four years and now by the grace of God married to the best husband a lady could ask for. Who knew he was always right in front of me so I guess you could say I went through different clichés trying to see where I belonged when the answer was right there all along.


It’s taken me the better part of life to discover what I truly wanted to do with my life, partly because of the different stages I was in but also because I wanted to do everything with little time to do so. My first dream was to become a writer which I decided to attempt my first book when I was 10, as much of a book I could write at the age and continued writing with not much to show for it. That dream got pushed on the back burner and I came up with a better dream to join the Peace Corps and be a journalist which I took several writing classes in high school and even tried blogging a little bit then. Then that got stalled when I had kids, trust me I didn’t mind because I always wanted a family since I was a junior in high school, and it changed to getting my business degree and opening a family restaurant/part youth outreach. I haven’t done any of those dreams so what did I discover I really wanted to do? Well, among all these dreams a desire started burning inside me when I started having kids to be a stay at home mother, eventually home schooling them.

Desire/Dreams Became a Reality

I have gone throughout my whole life trying to find a cliché that I felt I could belong to when in reality I just need to start my own. So I am accomplishing what I have truly wanted to do. My desire triumphed because even though I never had the chance before to stay at home with my kids I have finally accomplished it. My husband (he helps his brother with the family business occasionally) and I actually both stay at home with the kids which we are ecstatic about. We own our own business working from home doing what we’re both passionate about (it’s not a restaurant) and our dream together is to have our own ministry traveling around the world. It’s not the Peace Corps but it’s even better and we both volunteer helping where we need to. I started blogging because I’ve always loved writing as it seems to sooth me and I’m getting involved in the cliche of blogging moms but with my own personal voice. I went from a follower to a leader in more ways than I ever imagined!

What I Will Talk About

Follow me through my blogs, twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest because I not only will talk about a mom’s (parents) world, but my passion of enhancing other people’s lives through all dimensions of wellness, relating to everyone through life experiences, and hopefully not too much random topics. Can’t promise that though since you know I am a mom and we are random sometimes. I can’t wait to meet new people and gain friendships because the reality is we all go through similar situations. I love comments but please be nice, be considerate, be friendly. Any comment that I feel doesn’t meet these simple rules can and probably will be deleted. You can personally email me as well at sog2189@gmail.com.


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