Everything Happens for a Reason

Who knew I would be remarried to the boy I knew in middle school now 900 miles away from where we first met. I have always believed and told people things happen for a divine reason, even destructive events, but never really understood why. I was just trying to be optimistic when so many others were being pessimistic but I guess it’s not for us to understand but for me to just trust God that it will work out.

I like to tell my husband and my story because I believe it’s inspirational if you find the value in it. My husband and I knew each other in middle school, his brother and I were good friends and his parents took me to youth group, but Levi and I didn’t hang out. You could say we were both in different areas of our lives. I stayed in our hometown until a couple of years ago but him and his family moved 900 miles away over eight years ago. Fast forward! I made the prayerful decision to move in with his parents a couple years ago fleeing from a hostile situation. Events started happening so fast from then on out but ended up looking up for my children and I. Here’s the amazing things that hopefully are inspirational for everyone:

  • My husband says he liked me through middle school and on but always thought I was out of his league. So, even when we think things are unreachable reach for them because you never know what will happen. It may just be the best thing to happen in your life. The things you wanted earlier in your life may still come around to you.
  • My husband and his mom sat down a few years ago and wrote down attributes he wanted in a wife, even prayed for them, even though he didn’t want to get married EVER. (ha ha) His mom has revealed to me those attributes match me perfectly.
  • My husband has always wanted a daughter even though females are very scarce in his blood line so chances of him having a daughter is slim. Well behold my daughter is not his blood but he loves her like his own and she gets mistaken as his blood all the time. They have looked and acted exactly alike from the beginning. What is even more profound is when my mother in law first saw my daughter she just stared at her. Later on she told me that she had a dream about my daughter and she felt it was my husband’s daughter. My mother in law never saw any pictures of my daughter before she met her for the first time.
  • Levi and I had talked on the phone two times briefly for 10 minutes since I moved in with his parents and when Levi and I got reunited after 12 years we felt sparks fly. It was as if we were best friends for 12 years and didn’t skip a beat, but see we never hung out before.
This is one of their first pictures together

There’s definitely some other miraculous things that happened for me to realize that this has been the plan for my life for 12 years having to go through all the other events in my life to turn me in the right direction, but everything happens for a reason. Reasons we don’t understand but it’s all in a divine plan, the plan God has I firmly believe.
It’s definitely dumbfounded me to sit and ponder how things happen. Things that we will never have an explanation for. I tend to do that a lot. I’m constantly thinking about the miraculous things around us and it leaves me in awe.

Here’s what I’m trying to get at if you haven’t already got the jest of it. In the current manner of events sometimes we may not see why it’s happening because it’s easier to be pessimistic, sometimes harder to see the good, but everything happens for a reason. My belief everything happens according to God’s plan because there’s too many miraculous things and he turns the bad around, sometimes to even be a testimony (I have plenty of them). When we come to terms that we can’t control things then it frees them up for the necessary things to happen. I am gonna leave you with this thought. About three years ago I was a single mom of three working nights and going to school, which is very hard, and I had enough of trying to do things myself. One of those was trying to find a guy that would treat me and my children right. I had a moment of crying, more like screaming, out to the Lord telling him I was done waiting and why can’t I find someone, blah blah. Well guess what? It’s been in the motion for 12 years.

Why on earth would I tell complete strangers this openly and use it as a blog. Well because everyone has asked the question at least once, “Why is this happening to me?” Well just wait because your going through what you are to prepare you for the better days. Whether you look at it spiritually or not look at it this way: there is grander things to come. Everything you go through shapes you and happens for a reason whether it starts out by your choice or not. Trying to have a positive outlook even when we don’t think we can is the first step I believe in achieving wellness and I haven’t always thought of it this way but I do my best to find something good out of everything. We have been programmed for so long to think negatively so we need to train ourselves to be more positive. So, start trying to find something good in a negative situation.


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