Healthy Soil Equals Health You

We are dirt poor, literally speaking within our soils… Research has shown that our soils have been severally depleted since the early 1900’s and the fruits and vegetables have decreased in quality and nutrients that are essential to our bodies. As various amount of events unfolded throughout history to prevent the replenishment of the land (it’s not all due to the American Dust Bowl) plants grown in nutrient-deficient soil have fewer elements to draw on and is susceptible to drought and disease. The fruits and vegetables for these plants suffer. We are cheated out of the nutrients we need such as iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, phosphorous, sodium, calcium and fiber and the animals that provide us dairy, meat and other animal products are cheated out of the nutrients they need to provide us high quality food.

Looks like a veggie, tastes like a veggie….

This may be true but why does our produce look big, plump, healthy and delicious? “Well we have all been deceived and are slowly becoming aware of the truth. Remember, farmers are rewarded for the volume and quality of their marketable produce, not their nutritional content,” says the Legacy of Wellness. There has been so much pressure put on farmers over the last century to produce excessive volumes of food to feed our growing population. Our food is genetically modified and grown in synthetic fertilizer to satisfy our demanding need for more servings per person unless you can find a truly organic farmer. The combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are all a plant needs to develop healthy-looking fruit but it’s lacking nutritional value. It’s become a worldwide problem and statistics show that the average mineral content of the world’s farmland and rangeland soil has decreased in North America by 85%. Then all the traveling affects our produce in several negative ways such as gassing to help with traumatizing them and prevent ripening and processing.
We need to start taking action by remineralizing our farmlands. This is an optimistic solution however because everyone is content in eating toxic and deprived food, most food growing corporations are invested in the current system of doing things, there is little public pressure to spend the additional expenses to put this solution into action. In fact everyone including corporations and the government sees it as unjustifiably expensive. So, here’s two solutions that are forseeable in our future:
1) Eat locally grown produce from organic farms which is a healthier choice by far. It has more nutrients and minerals than non organic and don’t use toxic chemicals but even though it’s called organic it still doesn’t provide all the nutrients and minerals we need. It’s a start! We as consumers have to make the choice to see how best we can afford organic, healthy food for our families and ourselves. If we can’t see the benefits of eating healthier now then look into the future and see how eating healthier can benefit you through your health in the future. Start incorporating a little bit at a time or think of things you can honestly (but are too stubborn) to give up.
2) Provide your body with a supplement, multivitamin to bridge the gap between what nutrients you are currently getting and what you need. Make sure you call your manufacturer of the vitamin your taking to see what the absorption is because why spend money on a vitamin that is not absorbing into your bloodstream and cells where you need it the most. Believe it or not, you’ll be surprised of their response.

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Making the choice

Our family makes it a priority to take vitamins and fiber daily. My husband and I are not only on a multivitamin but also a calcium vitamin, florify which helps with digestion, a CardioOmega EPA and a cellwise for rebuilding our cells. We have to replenish our cells because they’re attacked by free radicals that cause aging and development of diseases. We are proud to say we have had so many issues corrected with just these vitamins and know the difference we feel when we don’t take them and when we do.
Then, we got our kids on a multivitamin and they love them. My three-year old screams throughout the whole house, running to get her brothers when I pull the vitamin bottle out and then they line up to take them. Now these vitamins are not sugar-coated chewables or have any additive sugars or flavoring. They have natural flavoring so most kids are not used to them because so many kids are being brought up on the multivitamins that have all the fillers to make them taste good. My kids have grown up on these and I wouldn’t switch them for the world. They have warded off so many sicknesses like the flu and gotten over colds quicker. When taken consistently they don’t have growing pains and I even crushed a little bit up to put in my daughter’s baby rice cereal when she was little and it helped her with teething. I would like to think a little bit of their love for vitamins came from my husband and I leading by example. My kids love watching me take my vitamins and even made a game out of it. They all love taking turns lining my vitamins up and watching me take them but what makes it even better is they even can tell you what each one helps with.
On top of the multivitamin I started giving my kids primarily, but my husband and I take it also, a creme delight Omega-3 which is really great for heart disease, ADHD, anxiety, depression, high cholesterol, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, eczema, diabetes, cancer, weakened immunity, autoimmune disease, autism, macular degeneration, weight loss, fertility, healthy pregnancy, healthy skin, increased energy and much more. It’s super delicious and they ask for it constantly but probably because it tastes like dessert.


What’s your priority?

We as a society say all the time how much things are lacking in nutritional value, how polluted our environment is, how many chemicals are used around us but does anyone actually fathom how vital it is getting for us to protect ourselves. New diseases/illnesses are arising and for varies reasons but we are content on accepting these diseases and illnesses as a way of society now. The question arises to whether we have always had these diseases/illnesses? And if we are discovering them due to new rising technology making us more aware of them. This just another reason to pump more chemicals into us, a temporary solution to cap the problem but in reality developing new problems. It boils down to this decision. Do we choose to eat healthier by eating organic, taking a multivitamin and taking a stand to support our organic farmers through remineralizing our soils? It’s alarming as a parent to become aware that soil is the primary factor in obtaining our nutritional health because all our food comes from the earth. So, what decision are you going to make? Start eating healthier, taking a multivitamin that actually absorbs where you need it, taking fiber and supporting organic farmers are the first steps. Check out my next blog on fiber, how it cleanses your system and why it’s important for you. You will be surprised how many different reasons you need fiber.


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