FIBER: The Miracle Nectar of Life

Would you take multiple baths in the same water as the water gets dirtier and dirtier? This is exactly whats happening in your body without the adequate amount of fiber within the day. Fiber is essential in removing toxins, fats, cholesterol and waste from the body so if we don’t flush the waste out it’s getting built up. Do you have a problem with irregularity, bloating and constipation? Well these are the three concepts that most consumers think they should be experiencing in order to be on some fiber supplement to help regulate their indigestion. There is truth in this concept; however, there’s many other full-body benefits that consumers are unaware of and hopefully this will change your mindset propelling you into action to obtain some more fiber in your diet.

The Illusion

It’s an illusion that people acquire all the fiber they need in a day that’s essential to proper body function. Statistics show that 95% of North Americans are not getting the right amount of fiber because Americans only get an average of 10-15 grams of fiber a day when Americans need 25-38 grams a day depending on your size and age. The chart below shows the fiber broke down in age and size of a person. Although we all recognize that fiber is important to our diet everyone is under the illusion we get enough through our fruits, vegetables (remember soil depletion deprives of us of nutrients) and Americans don’t eat enough fiber rich foods. Even our modern, processed foods have been stripped of fiber and labels that identify themselves as whole grains don’t guarantee that they’re rich in fiber.
We all have heard of two different kinds of fiber: soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber is a non-digestible component of plant foods (grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc) so it never breaks down and gets absorbed into the body but it can perform important functions that no other food can. This is done through the two forms of fiber. Soluble fiber dissolves in water and forms a gel-like substance during digestion but through this form it traps excess sugars, fats and cholesterol as it moves through the intestines and sweeps all the toxins out of the body. Insoluble fiber is never dissolved but instead soaks up to 15 times its weight in water. This is essential because it speeds up the movement of food through the digestive system, promoting regularity.

Full body benefits of Fiber

1. Provides large intestine and digestive support because research shows that it helps reduce the likelihood of hernias, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, and other diseases of the bowel.
2. Heart protector – Through at least 7 grams of soluble fiber a day from psyllium husk can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and fiber helps lower cholesterol levels.
3. Powerful immune booster – Fiber provides food for the “friendly bacteria” in your large intestine that fight the growth of harmful bacteria and provide immune support. When all the toxins are swept out of the body then they aren’t recirculated into the blood.
4. Through Insoluble Fibers bulk effect it gives you feelings of fullness for longer helping in weight control or weight loss.
5. Blood sugar regulation – Fiber naturally reduces swings in blood sugar levels by slowing the release of sugars into the bloodstream.
6. Natural fatigue fighter – Research has shown that boosting fiber intake improves mood and increases feelings of well-being while improving energy levels and reducing fatigue.
7. Natural cancer fighter – Studies suggest that eating a low-fat diet that is high in fiber can reduce the risk of developing some forms of cancer.


If you don’t flush your body of toxins, fats, cholesterol and waste then that toxic load is recirculated back into your liver instead of being eliminated. There’s a substance necessary for digestion called bile which goes through a process in your liver and intestine of breaking down into components of cholestorel, fat, toxins and waste and through this process can be moved out of your system with the help of fiber; however, if you don’t acquire enough fiber in your diet then these components get recirculated back through the body. When the toxins reach your liver again it processes them again and dumps the toxins and waste into the intestines with the next batch of bile. This cycle will continue to occur until you have enough fiber to sweep it out and the build up can become dangerous. It can thicken into sludge, harden, and become gallstones. All the toxins circulate over and over again which can irritate tissues and organs (inflaming) and affecting your body in extremely negative ways.

Let’s Get Personal

There has always been personal issues in the past with irregularity and trying to lose weight but now my family and I can proudly say we are free from those issues. We finally found a fiber supplement that the whole family can take (orange, peach or berry flavor which tastes like captain crunch, yummy). In one serving it’s got 10 grams of Soluble Fiber and 2 grams of Insoluble Fiber compared to leading brands of Metamucil and Benefiber. I am also proud to say we finally found a supplement that doesn’t causes bloating or gas, has antioxidants to help fight free radical damage and probiotics, and tastes smooth enough for sensitive palettes like my children etc. We suggest taking a fiber supplement before dinner to help with feelings of fullness and start flushing the days worth of waste out. Start incorporating more fiber into your diet to get the full body benefits that are essential to your health.


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