Holiday Season

My beautiful three-year old crouched down to look under the curtain out my kitchen window and started screaming “oooohhhhh lights, mom. It’s Christmas!”
I wanted to tell her, “no hunny, sorry to break it to you but we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet.” You got to love her enthusiasm though.
Pretty soon we will be celebrating all the holidays within a couple of weeks of each other. No joke!
Am I the only one overwhelmed by how fast we change holidays? Surely, I’m not!
Do we ever get to truly take in each holiday and celebrate one before the stores and individuals are getting ready for the next? Not in my opinion!
Don’t get me wrong, I have worked retail and so I know the corporation logic behind switching seasons so drastically.
The pressure of getting those sales. Pushing the products. The hustle and bustle. We should call it SPEED HOLIDAYS? (like speed dating)
Stress arises! Holiday grumpiness and stinginess outweighs the Holiday cheer! Thankfulness comes on Thanksgiving day but then falls to the wayside on Black Friday. My first black Friday experience was horrid ending with me being trampled and people grabbing laptops out of other shoppers carts while they weren’t looking. Plus, there’s no time anymore in between eating dinner, spending time with your family before people are off to Black Friday shopping Thursday night. That’s right a lot of places have moved their Black Friday shopping to Thanksgiving night.
Here I see my neighbors getting their Christmas lights up and I haven’t even thought of what I’m going to be bringing to the family Thanksgiving get together.
Maybe I should learn from everyone and set my Christmas lights up a couple of months early. Buy my holiday meals ahead of time so I’m not fighting over the last of the pickings at the grocery store. Does this early planning ease the tension and anxiety? I don’t think so but it’s worth a try!
I’m usually a planner but the holiday planning gets set aside and it gets turned into Holiday crunch time for my household.
I’m reading “Skipping Christmas” in my mom’s book club right now and it relates so much to how I feel at times with all the craziness and expectations.
However, I soon realize that Thanksgiving and Christmas are not about the holiday itself. As my pastor said at Sunday service and it ministered to my heart (a constant reminder) “Thanksgiving is not a holiday, it’s a way of life. (Thanks & Giving)” Just as Christmas is not about the presents and the holiday itself but to remember what Jesus has done for us. (This is my personal reminder)
Yes my family sits around the table and says what they’re thankful for but I don’t want it to be just a one time event this year.
I like how Val Boyko said it recently in her post Stressed for the Holidays
I choose stress free holidays this year! I choose to think of Thanksgiving as my way of life instead of just a holiday.
Is your holiday season stressful? If you’re stress free during the holiday season please share tips to make it that way.


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