Quit Living in Poverty of Your Mind

We Are Our Own Worst Enemies

It all starts with our minds because our minds are a battlefield. There’s been continuous years of negativity in our society and we have become accustomed to accepting it because of the mere fact that we are obsessed with the stimulation it gives us. We have become blind to how it is affecting our well-being and have become desensitized and unaware of the subconscious impact this mindset has on our daily lives.

To be honest, all of the negative thinking needs to be retrained into positivity.

I am going to be blunt so please forgive me if it rubs the wrong way with anyone. It is our choice to continue to live and claim poverty and negativity. Believe it or not it affects your well-being. Can we correct all the poverty (the negative thinking) as a whole? Will we escape from it? The answer is no to both! No, I’m not senial. No, I don’t live in a bubble never leaving my home. I have just worked very hard over the last couple years to retrain my thinking to help with not only my stress level but other areas in my life.

The poverty I’m talking about is not in terms of wealth and lack there of. According to the dictionary poverty means 1) the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor 2) deficiency of necessary or desirable ingredients, qualities, etc. 3) scantiness; insufficiency 4) the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount. I think everyone can agree and already knows we as a whole are suffering from poverty in more ways than not. We lack in sufficient amounts of positive thinking. So, how can you help yourself improve your poverty to help your overall well-being?

Retraining Our Thought Process

If you’re constantly thinking negatively, as I have done for years, then it causes you to be in an emotional slump that puts you in a physical slump thus a major way I minimize my stress is retraining my thought process.

Your mind is powerful and intriguing.

When you have negative thoughts swarming around it can trigger natural chemicals throughout your body that in return give you feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety, irritability, etc. This results in a domino effect where your emotions take over your body and different reactions come of it including diseases, illnesses, poverty in all dimensions of well-being and promote negative posture.

For example negative thoughts roll into scowling, slouching which roll into feeling down and can lead into depression, violence, even eating disorders and effects your emotional state with friendships and relationships.

Positive thoughts fire off positive chemicals that give feelings of happiness, peace, reduced tension, etc. and promotes positive posture.

For example positive thoughts roll into smiling or laughing and have positive feelings which can lead to a longer lifestyle, healthier more stable relationships and reduced stress because it will train you to not let things get to you and overwhelm you as much.

I was researching recently how music can affect ones mood because I’ve always been told that words in songs and movies have a great impact and I never truly embraced that concept until I became a mother. There’s more to it however as I had found through research from scientific studies. Not only do the words affect negative or positive thinking depending on what you’re listening to but the rhythms and vibrations in the song do as well.

I tell my kids what you view through your eyes or hear through your ear goes into your mind, felt through your body and into your heart and out through your mouth. I have also always said, without realizing the overall impactfulness of this sentence, “everything is mind over matter.” Everything starts with your mind and provokes outcome that, believe it or not, affects our actions and the steps we decide to take.

It’s a Choice

This is where choice comes in and some choices come easier than others but they all take perseverance, all day, every day. You make the choice to be angry at the driver that cuts you off in traffic or driving too slow and to think negatively about them. You make the choice to be angry and retaliate with the same harsh words when someone gossips about you or when you gossip about someone you make that choice to do so. Instead of thinking angrily about someone driving slow counteract with something positive. It can be as simple as “hope they have a nice day because I will.” If someone gossips about me instead of getting mad I ask myself “Am I that way? No I’m not so why will I let it affect my day or am I that way? Yes! Thank you for bringing it to my attention and I will try to change it.”
Another example is if someone, especially a loved one, tries to give advice and you feel it is condemning you. You can choose to let it get to you and have feelings of anger, resentment and all the other negative feelings that come with it so that it ruins the rest of your day or choose to smile, say “thanks for the advice. I will think about that” and go on with your day.

Coming from an abusive relationship I have had to counteract a lot of negative words spoken against me even after we weren’t together anymore. Trying to retrain my thought process of not being good enough in all aspects of my life is still the hardest but I constantly have to remind myself first thing in the morning that I’m good enough, I’m successful and I’m beautiful but it helps me tremendously. I choose to put in the effort and work to constantly renew and retrain my thought process because I don’t want to claim poverty in my life and let it control me.

Will your life be negative free? Stress free? No! But it helps tremendously and then maybe it could be a domino affect throughout society. Big dreams huh? Do you want to make the choice to go through the process of retraining your thought process for the good of your well-being and help your levels of stress?


2 thoughts on “Quit Living in Poverty of Your Mind

    1. Thank you! Yes it’s an ongoing process for everyone, even me. In my opinion we always have to keep our thoughts in check, which is very hard, but gets easier I believe over time. I can always tell when I realize my thoughts and how to change them from the time I get up until bed time versus the days I wake up and let me thoughts control my day.

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