Peace Essential Oil

Two miracles happened a couple months ago on one brisk, fateful Saturday. At first my body went into panic mode which sent me jumping out of bed. I started worrying running through the house and then I realized where my children were. It was after nine o’clock and way past the time I usually get bombarded by my three children asking when breakfast is or when I get awoken by children laughing, screaming or fighting. So naturally as a mom you can see why I flew into panic mode but here’s the two miracles that happened. They were small, that only happens once in a while, but more likely will NEVER AGAIN.

1. My children were still laying in bed. My daughter just staring at the ceiling wide awake and my boys just playing army men on their beds.

2. My house was quieter than it’s ever been and we got to sleep in.

The Reason

PURE™ Peace Tranquility Essential Oil Blend which helps promote a sense of tranquility and comfort with a blend of tangerine, orange, patchouli, tansy, elemi, and German chamomile blue.

We had just gotten our PURE Peace Essential Oil a couple days prior and due to my kids being a little wild the night before we decided to diffuse it throughout the night, in the living room all evening and in our bedroom all night. Joke now is “guess we got overall peace for diffusing our peace.”


Diffuse in your children’s room for nap time/bed time
Rub 4-5 drops on the bottom of your feet before bed
Mix it with water and spray in the home
Apply to the back of your ears, neck or bottom of feet in situations with anxiety
Apply to the back of your pet’s ears after play and if they’re hyper. Look at dilution tips for animals and children!

Do you need some peace and quiet, calmness in your home? Get some Peace Essential Oil today and see how it works wonders in your household.


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