Declaring the Path of Your Life

If you could be a queen/king for a day where time or money didn’t matter what would you do?

Think about it!

Write it down!

Declare it over your life everyday….

See what happens

Declarations…. I’m learning about them a lot. I have seen a couple of videos so far floating around on Facebook where a mother and daughter declare positive ideas over her daughter’s life. A father and daughter where the father declares positive ideas over his daughter’s life.

I have high respect for them and give kudos to them for having such a positive impact on their children’s lives.

Declare them over your life, your child’s life, your family and friends.
I have my children declare these things everyday during the day, before bed or before they go to school:

1) I am blessed and have good health

2) I am loved, liked and I have many friends

3) I will sleep well

4) I have the joy of the Lord & am a warrior for the Lord

5) I will have a sound mind. Think the right thoughts, think before I act, say the right things, think before I say things.

6) I am smart and I have many talents

7) I am respectful; I will listen and obey

8) I have favor

These are just a few but hope you get the idea and as I have declared these along with a lot more declarations over my family and friends I have noticed in just a couple of weeks an uplifting spirit within me. I have written down my husband and my goals in our life and business and declare them everyday even if I feel a little discouraged. When I am discouraged or down and start declaring positivity I get out of my discouraged, sad state of feeling quicker than ever before. It has done wonders for my emotional wellness and my children have better days. Will you go on a 30 day trial of declaring positivity in your lives everyday? I try to do about 30 declarations and it gets easier so hoping to get up to 100 declarations daily. Let me know after 30 days how it has worked for you.


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