Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

Who hates doing things out of their comfort zone? I think a majority of people are like me! I dislike doing things out of my comfort zone like singing, dancing, speaking in front of people, snowboarding, etc. but when push comes to shove I always end up doing it. I began reaching newer heights with my talents. A motivation and inspiration burns within me that makes me longing to learn more. I have stepped out of my comfort zone on many levels, starting with others pushing me, eventually me solely taking the initiative.

3 times to step out of my comfort zone

(There’s plenty but I will point these times out)

1. Age 20­ – Became night foremen (night crew manager at City Market looking over production and a crew, working alongside the crew with all duties) after my boss went to a different job opportunity. My boss put the bug in my ear to apply for the job and it took a little more than a bug to convince me. No managerial experience (to the extent I needed) and the fear of managing other people, mostly older than me. I was definitely out of my comfort zone. Speaking in front of people was a small fear compared to managing and motivating other people. After a couple of weeks of convincing by a couple of people I applied and instantly got the job. No one thought I could do it outside of those couple of people that stood by me, but I stayed in that position until I moved.

2. People have told me my whole life that I have a good voice. Every band I heard I would think, “I should audition to get on a band for church or elsewhere.” Well, that fell to the way side until this past year. Did I take the initiative. NO! The Wednesday night pastor of our church approached me to come to a practice. I agreed fully knowing that I would deny his push to become part of the band. By the end of the practice I told him I didn’t think I would be on the band. There was no good reason why I couldn’t or shouldn’t be on the band but yet it has been my natural instinct all my life to collapse to fear and not step out of my comfort zone. He looked at me and said, “You need to do this because if you let fear to constantly over take you then you could miss one of the greatest opportunities of your life.” He proceeded to tell me a story about how his sister always let fear over take her in some areas of her life (stepping out of her comfort zone) and missed out on many great opportunities to expand her talents. Finally it clicked one day for her and found that in actuality the FEAR was bigger than the actual thing so it clouded her judgement.
My mother in law and I are on the band at church and it’s allowed my family and I to expand into greater things for a ministry we want down the road. We still have a lot of learning to do but we have started our own family band and it’s inspired me to learn as much as I can about music. Burning a desire to learn different instruments, starting with the drums. Challenging me to be comfortable with singing in front of people and being heard.

3. Went from working in the corporate world for 10+ years to owning my own business working from home. I have had managerial positions that I firmly believe has helped me build the confidence, discipline, and skills. All this has definitely helped me step out of my comfort zone by being accountable for myself displaying leadership.

How has anyone else stepped out of their comfort zone? I would love to hear all about it.


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