Christmas: ‘Tis the Season

Better late than never

We did it! Finally got everything done, except Christmas dinner shopping and it was all done before Christmas Eve. Maybe I can keep this punctuality up every year to come. I feel gratification and stress free so I can actually enjoy family time. This is the first year that we have had a very busy schedule full of events and activities that can actually be enjoyed.
My house has constantly been saturated in sweet smells of goodies and my holiday blend essential oils.

img_20161201_105545146_hdr      My daughter helping me bake cookies

The kids decorated the Christmas tree. It’s a smaller one this year with the dogs but still lights up the living room with the holiday spirit. There’s many beautiful, multi-colored ornaments delicately, yet unorderly planned and placed by the tiny fingers of my children. Grin from ear to ear! (I’ll try my hardest to not resituate them as I walk by day by day but actually continue soaking in my children’s creativity). The aroma of Mountain Cabin Natural Hot Cocoa filling the room.

The children helped place the snowman trio and train lawn decorations up and lined the porch with multi-color icicle lights that I have decided to keep up past the new year this time.

Due to my husband’s awesome diligence and nifty shopping skills we got all our gifts online and shipped right to our door. We love online shopping because it saves time, money and is quicker. We have drastically reduced our stress level dodging the hectic crowds this holiday season.

The holidays can add extra stress to a family trying to rush around and get everything we want or need. Inevitably forgetting an item per trip to the store leading us to make another dreadful stop weaving in and out of the crowd as fast as we can just to make it to the check out without pulling our hair out. It adds more financial stress to a family to feel obligated to buy so many presents for each family member or to spend more money than what we have. So I have a couple of suggestions to make the holiday season less stressful.

1) If you put even $14/week, $2/day away for 11 months (that would be January through November) then by December you would have saved up $660 to spend towards Christmas. Yes I took into account we have Thanksgiving within November but even if you saved some more through December then you could have a nice Thanksgiving. If you can’t do $14/week then take something out of your life that is $14/week such as eating out one day, buying a coffee at a gas station, ect.

2) Write a list of everyone you want to buy for and plan what you’re going to get them so you can check them off your list, estimate how much the gift will be, and not make yourself crazy thinking you forgot someone or something.

3) If you can’t afford to buy for everyone acts of kindness or making them something says a lot more than buying an expensive gift.

4) Last but not least shop online as much as you can (we even shop online for almost all our groceries). It saves you money, time, stress and is more convenient. Make sure you give enough time for the gift to get to you. For instance we got a new coat for my daughter that was originally $90 and we got it for $26 on Amazon. It came within a couple of days and there was nothing wrong with it but if there was then we had enough time to send it back and get a new one.

I would love to hear anymore thoughts that you may have on how to have a stress free holiday. Do you shop online for anything? Do you prefer it over shopping in the store? You can email me your thoughts or comment on my page. Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. I will be back after the holidays.


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