Dreading a Kid Filled Grocery Shop

Are you like me and dread going to the store with all your children? It’s not that my kids don’t behave because it’s entirely the opposite most of the time. I always get compliments about how well they are behaving. (There has been occasions where I’ve had to correct them or take them out of the store because I have zero tolerance for my kids misbehaving especially in public.)

The truth is that it’s harder on me to unload all my kids, make sure they are always by my side and out of the way of the crowd. Sometimes my children ask me the million dollar question if they can get this or get that.

Going by myself is easier even when I can skip the whole non consumable aisles and three of the aisles on the consumable side (since I buy all that stuff online) but then again I still hate baring the crowd.

The two places I mentioned below are my favorite but if you would like to know of some other great online stores please comment or message me.

First of all, getting my every day needs – the highest quality, plant derived, natural groceries – is just a click away and delivered right to my door. Switching where and how I shop has saved me thousands of dollars over the years and has literally saved my oldest son from asthma, my youngest son from eczema, me from carpal tunnel, my husband from migraines and the list goes on.


Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club use to be my number one option to get the cheapest products; however, it wasn’t the healthiest. My husband and I made the choice to start eating healthier with health food stores around town but it was not the cheaper route.
So now we shop smarter and cheaper with an amazing online grocery store.


Second on my favorite online store list is Amazon. We have bought everything for gifts on Amazon because it’s cheaper and has a great return policy. We decided to go with Amazon Prime and what we have spent purchasing that has saved us money on shipping to go towards more necessities and through our Amazon Prime on the t.v. has saved us hundreds of dollars on purchasing movies.

Online shopping has truly been a revolutionary evolution in the way I live my life. (lol)
If you haven’t checked out online shopping before YOU SHOULD. Stop having that dreadful feeling about going to the store and switch where you shop.


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