Cedar Wood Essential Oil

“Cedar is a symbol of incorruptibility, power, majesty, beauty, royalty, pride & judgement,” says worshiping warriors. Cedar is a tree with strong, durable wood and has a fragrance that is used for several different reasons but the most enticing reason is the careful process of steam distillation of the wood, leaving the woody aroma and making an essential oil.

The benefits of Cedar wood Essential Oil not only helps emotionally through its grounding and calming effect but also helps support and maintain healthy respiratory functions including congestion.

Promotes clear and healthy skin, recovering quickly.
It helps with organ function, tightens muscles, improves metabolism and benefits your digestive system, combats hair loss, antibacterial, sinusitis and congestion.

You wonder why cedars were the trees mentioned most in the Bible because it symbolizes a source of protection, wisdom and abundance.
Do you need a little wisdom and ability to focus in your life? I know I do as a mother of three and there’s no shame in having a little bit of help (Cedar wood Essential Oil). They say you lose a little more brain cells with each child. I don’t know about that but I do know that my ability to focus has slowly dwindled with each child.
I can’t wait to diffuse some cedar wood in my house. The purest form is arriving on my doorstep any day. I have never had the opportunity to walk through a cedarwood forest, although, it seems amazing. At least I will get to experience it in my bed as the aroma sends me into a sweet dream of exploration of the Cedar wood Forest of Lebanon and relaxation until reality hits the next morning.

Get some Cedar wood essential Oil and achieve wisdom and beauty today. Can’t wait to hear testimonies on how it works for you.

Wait There’s More

has anti-inflammatory agents
cures toothaches
strengthens gums
reduces skin irritations
relieves spasms
cures fungal infections
repels bugs
cures acne
reduces cough
stimulates metabolism
regulates menstruation
tightens muscles
cleans out toxins


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