Sweet Aroma of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Does a Cinnamon Chocolate Bark recipe sound good? How about smelling the sweet aroma of Cinnamon throughout your home all day? I know I love it smelling like I have been baking all day. According to Dr. Axe “cinnamon has been used in various forms whether in extract, liquor, tea or herb form and has provided people relief for centuries. In fact, the cinnamon plant has been tied to protection and prosperity in Egyptian times so if you were lucky enough to have cinnamon during those times, you were considered a wealthy man. Records show that the value of cinnamon might have been equivalent to gold.”
Oh, how the things during ancient times that were valued have slowly become devalued in price. Thank goodness it hasn’t been devalued in quality. I have been working very hard on getting my digestive health on track through drinking my Fiberwise and Florify and the ] circulation to my toes is getting worse so I can’t wait to see how the Cinnamon Essential oil can help with both situations now that I have added it to my medicine cabinet. This is just two of many uses that the Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil has.

Just imagine how Cinnamon Bark Essential oil can help someone you love, friends, coworkers, ect.

If you want or need a heart health booster then grab the essential oil. Cinnamon Bark oil has the ability to dilate blood vessels helping enhance nitric oxide function. This causes increased blood flow and lowers levels of inflammation.
If you need help controlling blood sugar, insulin release or losing weight your essential oil is right on hand.
If you suffer with ulcers, sore throats, headaches, fighting parasites, viruses (need something to stimulate your immune system), and fighting free radicals. Don’t fret grab your essential oil.
If you want a natural deodorizer in your home that sends you in an aromatic daze without baking all day then guess what Cinnamon Bark Essential oil helps with that also.
If you’re feeling low, even depressed, what do you do? Well, you can grab your essential oil which helps relieve depression but be careful it also stimulates libido and a natural Aphrodisiac. (temporary remedy for feeling low, lol) Not really but it helps with both depression and your libido. Here’s a recipe if you want to go that route all from Pure Essential Oil line.



Well, if all those use don’t work for you (even though I guarantee it will) then here’s the Cinnamon Chocolate Bark recipe I was talking about. If all else fails then you can have a delicious, healthier recipe to try out.

Melt chips in microwave as directed on package in separate microwaveable bowls. Stir 1 1/2 teaspoons of the cinnamon into melted white chocolate. …
Drop spoonfuls of the chocolate mixtures onto wax paper-lined baking sheet, alternating semi-sweet with white chocolate. …
Refrigerate 1 hour or until firm.

I found a few other recipes for a scrub/face wash, lotion, Crispy Cinnamon Baked Apple Chips, or toothpaste. Who do you know that could benefit from Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil? If you have any recipes please share and I’ll share more with you.


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