Body Erosion – Free Radical Aging

Let me take you to the Monument or Mesa in the valley of Grand Junction, Colorado. It’s a beautiful sight to climb the trails and look out on the horizon from on top of the highest rock but it’s also devastating to know the erosion that is happening and soon will destroy our once beautiful land. It’s apart of life. Rain, among some other things, cause erosion ever-changing our environment around us. We all know that one raindrop on the terrain does no damage but over time many raindrops start eroding the beautiful land we once loved. Eroding it into something entirely different and changing the scenery. It may be beautiful one day but ugly the next; here one day but gone tomorrow. This is what happens with the free radicals in your body.

All the top three pictures show erosion at the monument or mesa but the bottom two pictures show how we age over time; however, it’s sped up by free radicals causing all our diseases and cancers.

Destructive Chain Reaction

Free radicals are unfamiliar terminology for most people because like most harmful things it is kept in the dark and hidden. Bare with me! Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons and can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed these highly reactive radicals can start a destructive chain reaction destroying cells or causing them to work poorly and attacking the antioxidants we have in our body to keep free radicals in check at a safe level. If we are living we are giving off free radicals. Every second four radicals are produced in every cell. Doing the math that comes out to 100 trillion free radicals produced every second.

Why do anything about them?

Even though they are in our body at a safe level regardless we are contributing to the increase of free radicals by unknowingly surrounding ourselves daily with household items and care products, through what we eat, stress, inflammation, and even higher dosages of supplements, etc. Our detrimental reward to this contribution is degenerative diseases, cancer and lowering the number of years on your life. So rewarding right?

There is Hope to Change the Direction of Our Health

There’s a first in the world technology (has two patents) that is changing the scientific world within various supplements and vitamins but the most profound results were found in a vitamin and mineral pack called the Peak Performance Pack. Two studies known as the 2014 Freiburg Study and the Sterling Study were done to test this technology in various areas such as free radical activity, cholesterol, blood fat, blood pressure, c-reactive protein (heart health), heart rate, glucose levels, inflammation and metabolic and cellular levels. The results were amazing, showed substantial improvements in just one hour, within six weeks and then within another 12 weeks. There is hope for us all to change the direction we are going in our health.

The Peak Performance Pack had the best results on supplemental absorption, lowering inflammation, reducing free radicals, lowering cholesterol, blood fat, blood pressure, c-reactive protein, improving heart health, improving metabolic and cellular levels, lowering heart rate, lowering glucose levels, etc.

Did you know that what you put on or in your body goes within your blood stream within six seconds? Of course it’s been said that supplements don’t have the absorption level that we are led to believe (about 8%-12%) which would explain the reason why it has been proven to find vitamins (whole or bits of vitamins that weren’t absorbed in your body) found in sewage systems. The supplements crystallize within the stomach, get flushed out when you go to the restroom and never get absorbed on a cellular level.

What’s in your cabinet? Mine is first in the world technology so I can sleep better at night knowing I get my money worth – overall absorption, feel better, reducing my free radicals to add years my life.


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