My Mini Vacation


What better way to get a vacation from your daily duties? Get sick! (haha) No house cleaning or cooking a prestige dinner that will get picked at or forced to eat. Instead tucked away in bed, working, with my 3-year-old daughter (she is always by my side and jabbering away about everything) and older boys playing quietly. This is the benefit for being able to do work at home. No sick days used, loss of pay and can work at my own pace today.

Yet, this luxury vacation won’t last long because motherly duties never stop so I am going to drink all my water, take my activate-c and push through. After all I hardly get sick and when I do it doesn’t last long greatly because of my activate-c boosting my immune system or I can give a lot of credit to my vitamins which I admit I haven’t been regularly using the last couple weeks. That’s a no no!

However I still am not going to fix the glorious dinner everyone looks forward to all day long (they will just have to wait) or act like the maid in my own house today. Tomorrow is another day if I don’t decide to extend my vacation.

I will be back at a later date. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week and have a blessed evening.


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