The Wonder From Down Under: Melaleuca Oil

Everyone calls it The Wonder From Down Under. Melaleuca oil, made up of over 100 natural compounds with 6 different properties, was discovered by Captain Cook when he landed in southeast Australia in 1770. He took some leaves to be used as he and his crew sailed and it wasn’t until 1922 that it was rediscovered for its therapeutic value and by World War 2 was reaping healing power for the Australian Army. They found that the tea tree oil was effective in staving off the various fungal infections.


It’s the very first essential oil I have ever used and won’t go without. In fact, I always have one in my medicine cabinet, one in my fridge, one in my car, and one in my purse. Can you say I’m a little obsessed! I faithfully use Melaleuca oil because it’s helped my family and I in so many ways and it works wonders for the simplest things to the most crucial issues.

The First Aid Kit in a Bottle

The grocery store is full of expensive first aid products that usually only address one need. Why not have your hands on a versatile, natural product that can treat a variety of everyday first aid needs with just a few drops?! As a mother there is no second thought. For one its cost-effective for my family and secondly I’d rather not expose my family to all the caustic products used to treat the exact same issue a non caustic, natural oil is able to.
I grew up with my grandma, my aunt and my mom keeping Melaleuca Oil on hand at all times. In fact, my brother and I use to go through it like it was going out of style. I remember when we use to go around poking bee hives (I got a honey bee stinger stuck in my chin which Melaleuca Oil got out), playing with fire ants, climbing everything we could and getting scraped up daily. Melaleuca has helped with all these minor issues as well as larger ones. Over the years I have used Melaleuca Oil for my own children on bug bites, bee stings, pinched fingers in the door, minor burns, minor scrapes, minor cuts, irritated skin, blisters, warts, splinters, chickenpox, shingles, head lice, as well as larger issues. Head lice is a major concern in school aged children and this is another reason I use the oil in my shampoo/conditioner. My children ask for Melaleuca Oil when they’re hurt versus other medications. I use it to get residue such as gum, resin, dirt, stickers, etc. off which is a saving grace with having kids. I even spray Melaleuca Oil mixed with water on my Chihuahua’s teeth to help with bad breath, tooth decay and plaque. Some of the plaque on his teeth falls instantly off once sprayed on and his bad breath has improved drastically with twice a week spray.

Use it in Almost Every Product

Rub some on the back of your ear lobes when you have an ear infection, on your throat when you have a sore throat, on your chest and feet mixed with a menthol rub (I use Pain-a-trate) for congestion, wherever you have pain or need relief. I always put about 10 drops of it in a humidifier while my children sleep at night to help soothe against congestion and respiratory or bacterial infections.

Melaleuca Oil is in almost every product that I use from toothpaste, everything in my medicine cabinet, cleaning products, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, my husband’s acne treatment Clarity and the list goes on. My husband has used every acne treatment out there and states it has been the most effective with a fraction of the cost. Why not have a product that is the best known natural antiseptic, with soothing properties, effective solvent while non-caustic and safely penetrating in every product you use to achieve maximum health?

The Proof is in the Pudding: It kills many strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi

In 2002 a study found it could treat fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, nail infections, ringworm, thrush and effective against mold growth. In 2003 a study found that the oil inhibited and killed oral bacteria associated with cavities. I use it personally on my teeth not only in my toothpaste but directly to help inflammation and bleeding of the gums. In 2004 a study confirmed that Melaleuca Oil could help eradicate a “super bug” found in hospitals worldwide known as MRSA. It also helps with Psoriasis and boils from staph infections. In 2005 a study showed that the oil had significant antiviral activity against the herpes simplex virus and could help treat cold sores and has been found to be effective as a wound dressing during radiation treatments, reducing signs and symptoms of radiation skin reactions.

Melaleuca Oil is continuing to be researched because there has been outstanding discoveries just in the last few years. To date there is 327 scientific studies that refer to tea tree oil’s antimicrobial ability alone according to Dr. Axe. If you want to find out more on Melaleuca Oil, some other uses and browse around at other oils then visit my Pinterest page . Click on my board named Essential Oils for Life.


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