Investing in my Child’s Entertainment

As a parent I love one of the most common questions “Mom, can I have this or that.” There’s very few things I will invest in for my child’s entertainment before these two things have been evaluated first. 1) Is it worth my money or do I find true educational value in it in? 2) How can my child earn whatever they’re asking for?

Is it a Good Investment or Earned?

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of electronics but would rather buy educational toys, etc. Although nowadays we have a couple of game systems and now each of them have their own tablets but we only allow a certain amount of time on any electronics (30 minutes on school nights, an 1 hour on the weekend or when we play as a family) on them if they have good behavior. When all my oldest sons friends were getting the newest thing out there, such as an XBox or WII, he was having to earn a play station by being good in school. I wasn’t least surprised when he earn it though and I almost guarantee there was a level of satisfaction on his part for putting in the effort.

Before Christmas my husband and I discussed for some time whether or not to get the kids tablets; however, we finally broke down due to two different reasons. 1) My oldest children are encouraged to do school work on the computer at home. 2) I wanted to invest money into getting for my two youngest children. Hearing great things about this online educational opportunity I had signed up for a free trial to check it out. My number one question checked out.

ABCmouse a Real Winner

ABC mouse is a full online curriculum, created by teachers, for ages 2-8 years old. It has been awarded Mom’s Choice GOLD Award, Teachers’ Choice Award, Parents’ Choice GOLD Award. This program is a great opportunity for my 3-year-old daughter who isn’t going to school yet to tap into activities and lessons that will prepare and guide her through different stages of learning while having fun. She doesn’t even know she’s learning right now!

Our quality time in the mornings are spent doing puzzles, singing songs, doing other educational activities and 30 minutes on Both my youngest children love it and it even tracks their progress through each grade level in all the subjects they learn from reading to social studies, math or science. They feel really accomplished with what they achieve on their “learning path” and having the chance to be independent through it all so I would say it was a great investment along with the tablets for this reason. You got me I admit to liking electronics for some good reasons.

Check out my next blog on another great educational avenue I’ve recently discovered and has really touched my heart.


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