Inspired Reading for Wellness

“The Future of our World Depends on the Education of our Children”

“If you can’t read at least an 8th grade level then you can’t get a driver’s license here in Oklahoma,” informed the assistant principal and test coordinator at my son’s school during the parent meeting for state testing. My oldest son has finally reached the age to start doing state testing to determine whether he can move onto the 4th grade (the educational board emphasizes passing reading/reading comprehension). There’s no more graduating to the next grade based on your age or leniency to being borderline proficient in reading/reading comprehension. As a 3rd grader my oldest can already read at a high 4th grade level so although I’m not very concerned about whether he will be able to move on or not there’s a lot of alerting statistics as to why I believe there is emphases to reading and reading comprehension.


“Providing Economic Opportunity While Fostering Strong Family Values”

When my boys were 1 and 3 years old I started a bedtime routine where I would get them ready for bed, read about 2-3 books and then sing a couple of songs while they laid in bed. (Dr. Seuss was all of our favorites. For one I love the rhyming that Dr. Seuss uses). By the time my oldest son was in preschool he was reading at kindergarten level. Now he’s in 3rd grade reading at almost a 5th grade level and to this day I firmly believe and contribute that to us reading every night routinely.

As schedules got busier and my third child was born I have since then neglected to keep that routine until recently. Within the last few months I have incorporated reading back into our everyday routine. I view reading as a crucial step for our families relational, intellectual, emotional and mental wellness as well as our children’s education because I don’t want my children to be another statistic as a child who lost interest in reading after 8th grade. It shouldn’t only be a crucial step for my family but for every household.


The Many Benefits of Reading That Correlates with Wellness

  1. Reading gives muscle to your memory through a brain workout (mental wellness)
  2. Reading keeps your brain young according to a recent study from Rush University Medical Center who found digging into a good book can literally take years off your mind (reported by Prevention). Adults who spent their downtime doing creative or intellectual activities like reading had a 32 percent slower rate of cognitive decline later in life than those who did not and two and a half times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. (mental wellness)
  3. Reading can melt away stress (emotional, mental, physical wellness)
  4. Reading boosts your vocabulary according to researchers who estimate that we learn five to 15 percent of all the words we know through reading. (mental, intellectual wellness)
  5. Reading improves empathy (emotional/mental wellness) and relating well with others
  6. Reading can encourage life goals by reading about someone who overcame obstacles (emotional, mental, social wellness)
  7. Reading helps you feel more connected (social wellness)
  8. Reading can brighten your day (emotional/mental wellness)
  9. Reading can help you save cash because it’s a more cost-effective source of entertainment (financial wellness)
  10. Parent/Child or siblings reading together develops social and emotional wellness through the bond they develop spending quality time together.
  11. Reading helps children (adults also) cope with certain situations/dilemmas they may be facing in certain areas of their life
  12. Reading promotes creativity and imagination
  13. Reading develops stamina and focus in the mind (This is very useful right now with my son’s state testing coming up)
  14. Reading helps with overall emotional, mental/intellectual and social wellness

Finding a Book Lady is a Saving Grace

I don’t put my time and effort or invest into something that I don’t think would be educational in one form or another for my children and since I have wanted to home school I have already researched different online school programs and varies educational avenues. Upon this diligent research I found out my good friend was a local consultant for Usborne Books and More. She has the most priceless passion for changing kids lives through reading. Most of us have a mechanic we regularly take our vehicles to, a hair lady, a movie store, etc. so with my love for education and hearing the statistics that correlates reading with our children’s future it only makes sense to have a book lady.

9 Reasons to Have a Book Lady Through Usborne Books and More (Kane Miller Books)?

Personally for us, I love supporting the schools through the book orders that my children bring home (which I still do occasionally) and we still love going to the library; however, as a parent I have gotten tired of the relentless battles of purchasing books through book orders or making trip after trip to the library without much success of reading them all the way through. Now there are some children that love to read and will read almost every genre available and then there are some children that claim they don’t like to read.

I can’t imagine I’m alone! So here’s the reasons I like having a book lady at Usborne Books and More.

  1. Usborne consultants work with these books on a daily basis and provide a level of customer service that you don’t get at any store. You get a personal shopping experience with someone who cares.
  2. They get to know your kids, get to know you personally and can help narrow down your search to make it less overwhelming. I know my friend has provided my child with the exact book they need to match each one of their interests.
  3. You gain a personal friend!
  4. Usborne and Kane Miller books are the most exciting, engaging and educational books on the market today with high-quality, innovative, lavishly illustrated and relates to the ages of the children.
  5. They are the books that kids love to read. My children have not only enjoyed but been intrigued with all the books we have got so far.
  6. These books prove that it is possible to create books that compete with the vast media that attracts children today. From activity books, to neat fiction series, to internet-linked science and history encyclopedias, Usborne does books better.
  7. Kane Miller has published award-winning children’s books from around the world for more than 25 years. They bring to life fantastic fiction stories for older readers and wonderful multicultural picture book stories for younger readers. All of these are stories that will make you smile, think, cry, or laugh ‘til you have tears in your eyes so the combination of Usborne and Kane Miller books enables Usborne Books & More to offer you one of the most creative and original book lines in the United States.
  8. As my friend says, “There is so much research and reason for everything put in them its extremely impressive that everything from the style of pictures, outline of objects, colors, placement of text, etc. has an impact on kids.”
  9. Great to add to homeschooling curriculum. I will be among other homeschooling parents to add these books to my personal library.

Best of all what I love about Usborne is they have a passion for these four categories (their mission) listed below in the picture (also the four subtitles that I put in this blog). What stands out to you the most?


Touch the lives of Children for a Lifetime… Educational Excellence One Book at a Time

What matters the most to you regarding your child’s education? As you can see there’s so many positive correlations between reading and the three dimensions of wellness: emotional, intellectual/mental and social. Why miss the opportunity to be proactive in your child’s education, their well-being for their future and stop them from being another percentage of the horrifying statistics? I challenge you to make a reading routine with your kid where they read to you, you read to them or take turns reading. You can start as early as your baby in the womb and just devote to at least 20 minutes a day.

Support the school with the book orders that come home with your kids, go to the library and/or GET A BOOK LADY. Here’s different ways to obtain a book lady:

  1. You can find Usborne books at and find a local consultant but they don’t have to be local.
  2. Go to to go directly to my book lady’s webpage – Jennifer Ferrell or contact her at




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