Inspired Reading for Wellness

"The Future of our World Depends on the Education of our Children" "If you can't read at least an 8th grade level then you can't get a driver's license here in Oklahoma," informed the assistant principal and test coordinator at my son's school during the parent meeting for state testing. My oldest son has finally … Continue reading Inspired Reading for Wellness

Investing in my Child’s Entertainment

As a parent I love one of the most common questions "Mom, can I have this or that." There's very few things I will invest in for my child's entertainment before these two things have been evaluated first. 1) Is it worth my money or do I find true educational value in it in? 2) … Continue reading Investing in my Child’s Entertainment

I Went From a Type 1 Shopper to a Type 4 Using These 9 Ways

This is how I would describe the types of shoppers. 1. The daily shopper who grabs what they┬áneed for the day until the next day. 2. Do you make a list and still divert from the list because other items look good? You can use them eventually right? 3. Do you make a list and … Continue reading I Went From a Type 1 Shopper to a Type 4 Using These 9 Ways